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Rethinking care

Interflex workforce management solutions that are specifically designed for the healthcare sector make it easy for you.

Efficient and flexible personnel scheduling?


Those who manage human resources in the healthcare sector are confronted with complex and time-consuming challenges on a daily basis. Do you want to develop on-call models, physician scheduling and strategic work time management and deploy your staff in a way that is as demand-oriented and flexible as it is efficient? This means you are faced with a task that can hardly be managed manually these days.

Our workforce management solutions provide you with automated support and deliver your customized optimal scheduling in the shortest possible time.

Physician scheduling and rotation planning

New tools guarantee maximum efficiency in personnel scheduling in the healthcare sector

It does exist: The solution that is completely tailored to your needs and brings clarity and transparency to your personnel scheduling. With the “Physician scheduling” and “Rotation planning” web modules, Interflex offers two tools that are effective as well as simple. Both scheduling modules were developed in cooperation with senior physician staff, and the relief in daily work is immediately tangible. Regardless of whether you are dealing with complex multi-level scheduling or the often confusing rotation planning of your trainee physicians – with just a few clicks, you gain maximum planning reliability and efficiency. This leaves you more time for what is really important: Your patients.




increase in efficiency

less staff absenteeism

less planning cost

What are the benefits offered by Interflex solutions?

  • Scheduling is automated and is as effective as it is simple
  • All specifications and regulations are adhered to
  • No more grueling personnel bottlenecks
  • Sources of errors are avoided
  • High time saving thanks to more effective scheduling
  • Requirement-oriented scheduling ensures higher added value
  • Satisfied personnel thanks to Employee Self-Service

Get to know our digital workforce management solutions for the healthcare sector ...

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Do you want to save time with efficient personnel scheduling? Demand-oriented planning!


Particularly in the healthcare sector, the issue of efficiency of personnel scheduling is a key factor. After all, good organization not only saves valuable time, but can even save lives in acute cases. If you plan well, you create capacity for what your patients need most: Space for optimal care.


Simplify your work processes with workforce scheduling solutions from Interflex. The holistic approach of the workforce management solutions guarantees maximum user-friendliness: All common accounting systems can be connected without any problems, reports with valid key figures are available promptly, positive time & attendance recording is presented comprehensively. AND You can access Interflex’s competent consulting services at any time.

Do you want to avoid bottlenecks?
Schedule personnel based on qualifications!

In hardly any other sector is it as important to have the right employees with the right qualifications in the right place at the right time as it is in the healthcare sector. The challenge of personnel scheduling in the healthcare sector is huge, the room for maneuver tiny: On the one hand, personnel costs represent by far the largest factor in total costs in the industry; on the other hand, personnel bottlenecks can have fatal consequences.

With the software from Interflex, you have the workforce management solution at hand with which you can plan your personnel systematically, efficiently and according to the available qualifications – so that understaffing will be a thing of the past in the future.

What effect will new collective bargaining agreements have? The forecast shows it.

And what impact will they have on overall costs? Small changes often have far-reaching consequences. And yet it is often difficult to assess the full extent in advance.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex can do exactly that: Thanks to integrated time management, they provide answers to all pressing questions and additionally compare the old with the new collective bargaining regulations. This gives you an accurate forecast of the expected costs – even before the new regulations come into force.

Legal regulations?
Automatically integrated during audits and settlements.

Collective bargaining agreements, working time regulations, protection guidelines: An almost unmanageable number of legal requirements make settlements in the healthcare sector a labyrinth.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex automatically monitor all regulations and immediately indicate possible violations.

Complex settlement scenarios can be completely automated, such as the calculation of overtime according to TVöD (wage agreement for the public service sector), the calculation of shift and alternating shift templates or the calculation of additional leave.

Beyond the legal requirements, any number of collective bargaining and individual employment contracts can also be created, adapted and extended – flexibly, at any time and without any programming knowledge.

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