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Experience customer communication in a new way –
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More success and increased employee satisfaction? The workforce management solutions from Interflex create a new dimension in contact centers

Shift planning plus analysis - that was yesterday

To survive in today’s highly competitive contact center market, you need more. Not only the competition, but also your highly specialized workforce require a holistic solution that adequately reflects the individuality and flexibility of your company. The workforce management software from Interflex offers you transparency and quality at all levels.
With significant results: higher customer retention, increased new customer growth, more success!

What are the benefits offered by Interflex solutions?

  • Complete integration into existing systems
  • Modular solutions by the sector expert
  • Scheduling is automated and is as effective as it is simple
  • High time saving thanks to effective scheduling
  • Requirement-oriented scheduling ensures higher added value
  • Satisfied personnel thanks to Employee Self-Service

Unexpected results? Respond flexibly!

Process optimization and productivity enhancement have long been part of the strategic concept at contact centers. The demand-oriented deployment of personnel resources plays a central role in this context.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex support you in complex scheduling processes and ensure transparency and efficiency – two qualities that are indispensable for optimal personnel scheduling. And if unforeseen events nevertheless threaten to overturn optimal scheduling, the software provides you with all the data you need to meet this challenge quickly and flexibly.

Decision making?
Quick and well-founded!

What do you want your company to look like in the future? How do you effectively integrate your employees into scheduling processes?

And what measures can you take to retain customers in the long term? If you want to answer these questions seriously, you need detailed insight into your processes.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex provide you with all relevant data: from preferred time intervals to shift assignments to availabilities. Do you have special requirements? Our experienced consultants will be happy to work out the model that best meets your needs. This enables you to make the right decisions: Both in day-to-day operations and for the medium- and long-term strategic direction of your company.

How to succeed in business?
Design personnel scheduling for the future!

Qualified personnel are crucial for further development and success – and at the same time, personnel costs in the contact center take up a large share of the total costs. Finding the perfect balance is therefore always a top priority.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex provide you with all relevant information so that you can optimally simulate a wide variety of scenarios. When creating your business plan for the next year, you can not only define your budget more easily, but also make well-founded decisions about how many new employees should be deployed at what time, or what ratio of full-time to part-time employees and students is ideal for your business.


Find out more about the ability of the efficient workforce management solutions from Interflex.

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Satisfied employees? Obviously in the contact centers as well!

Your employees want scheduling security – even though everything can go haywire in the contact center. In the long run, the effects could not be more devastating: Your personnel feels increasingly stressed and becomes dissatisfied.

Reducing the pressure is one of the main goals you can achieve with workforce management systems from Interflex. From now on, implement your resource scheduling more precisely and give your personnel scheduling reliability – the system’s end-to-end transparency provides a lasting boost to motivation!

More transparency?
Better personnel scheduling!

More transparency not only ensures greater satisfaction among personnel, but also lets you benefit as a decision-maker: Interflex software solutions provide you with a quick overview of the added value of your projects – at all times!

The software not only uses conventional time & attendance recording systems, but also a wide variety of web-based applications and ACD systems to record all relevant data. Everything is then automatically processed and prepared in the appropriate formats. From now on, you can generate comprehensive reports in no time at all and identify critical data much faster than before.

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