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Personnel scheduling for airports and logistics companies: uniquely efficient from now on

Overcoming logistical challenges? With workforce management solutions from Interflex, it works brilliantly!

The current situation – an unprecedented challenge

Personnel scheduling at airports and logistics companies has changed more in recent months than at any time in history. The number of check-ins at airports is fluctuating, check-in and security checks are becoming more time-consuming and labor-intensive due to extraordinary regulations. And logistics companies are under more enormous cost and competitive pressure than ever before. In this situation, careful and flexible personnel scheduling is essential.

With workforce management solutions from Interflex, managing this challenge is possible without any problems.

What are the benefits offered by Interflex solutions?

  • Scheduling is automated and is as effective as it is simple
  • High time saving thanks to effective scheduling
  • Requirement-oriented scheduling ensures higher added value
  • Satisfied personnel thanks to Employee Self-Service
  • Legal guidelines are monitored and adhered to
  • Avoidance of sources of error

Smooth workflows? Satisfied personnel, satisfied customers!

Long waiting times and delays in air traffic and logistics not only test the patience of your customers. Your personnel also suffers from the effects: Overtime and unscheduled interim stops cause annoyance, tense customers cause additional explosiveness.

That is why airport operators, airlines and ground handling companies, as well as transport companies and security providers, need to do just one thing: avoid such automatisms through efficient personnel scheduling. Holistic and flexible scheduling always has absolute priority. Let the comprehensive functions and tools of the workforce management solutions from Interflex help you to ensure smooth workflows in daily traffic.

Short-term changes in personnel requirements?


One thing is clear: Delays can never be completely avoided, neither on the road nor in air, rail or shipping traffic. Day after day, they necessitate changes in personnel requirements at short notice – a challenge that you, as a workforce management specialist, must master with confidence within the shortest possible time.

With the workforce management solutions from Interflex, you have a comprehensive tool at your disposal: If delays occur, the software gives you a quick overview of the available personnel as well as the corresponding qualifications. In this way, you are able to reschedule your personnel according to your requirements within minutes at any time.

Optimum personnel scheduling? Automated and flexible!

Efficiency and flexibility are the decisive factors for personnel scheduling at airports and in logistics companies – if you want to be (and remain!) competitive, you must resolutely cultivate both skills. After all, all tasks at the most diverse locations and for the most diverse areas of activity must always be completed on time and at minimum cost.

More than 100 airlines, airports and logistics companies already rely on workforce management solutions from Interflex. Find out for yourself about the optimal workforce management at competitive costs and use the possibility to synchronize interlocking processes and to ideally deploy your personnel in the future.

Find out more about the ability of the efficient workforce management solutions from Interflex.

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Modern world of work? Simple and secure!

Productivity and employee satisfaction are the factors that significantly influence key logistics indicators: Throughput time, range of coverage, inventory turnover, replenishment time, adherence to delivery dates, degree of readiness to deliver, incorrect delivery rate and complaint rate essentially depend on these two factors.

With workforce management solutions from Interflex, you can not only increase the productivity of your personnel by up to 18%, but also reduce the administrative effort for scheduling by up to 80%. Use the software to create long-term demand forecasts based on predicted freight volumes and target productivity – easily and securely. This is because scheduling takes into account not only laws, tariffs, company agreements and special regulations, but also the qualifications of employees. If there is ever a breach of the rules, you are automatically alerted about it; such notifications are also sent regarding any necessary training programs.

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