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Workforce management sector-specific solutions

The importance of people as a resource is being increasingly appreciated – across all sectors. After all, it is no longer the organization that cuts costs and increases sales through machine-oriented processes that is ahead of the game. Those, who focus on their employees, will be rewarded with sustainable and improved success.

How do you deploy your personnel optimally?

You have recognized it a long ago: Your employees are the heart of the company. No matter what sector you are in: What matters is the skills of your personnel – and that these skills are optimally integrated into the company processes.

Having the right specialist in the right place at the right time is the decisive factor. Making the best use of your workforce holds the key to higher productivity and, as a result, increased value creation.

The workforce management solutions from Interflex provide you with this key. They can be used in any size of organization and are scalable as per the requirements. Whether you work in logistics or aviation, in the contact center, healthcare or in a completely different industry: You too can take advantage of your optimization potentials. The software uncovers them and, as the basis for all processes in the company, determines your performance on the market.

What is the best solution for your sector? Interflex!


More time for your patients!
With workforce management from Interflex, you deploy your personnel efficiently and in line with demand - always in accordance with legal requirements, of course.


Contact Center

Manage the challenge of personnel scheduling with ease: Thanks to holistic solutions by Interflex, you will succeed in a highly competitive market.


Your sector

Personnel scheduling – highly professional! Customized modules focus on employees and time as success factors for your company.



Superior in any situation - flexible personnel deployment is the key. Comprehensive Interflex solutions support you in planning what actually seems unplannable.



From production to the fire department of the plant: Optimally planning all units in the manufacturing process is a challenge. This becomes easy and trouble-free thanks to Workforce Management from Interflex.


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