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Efficient workforce management:
A key success factor for your company

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Interflex Expands Workforce Management Expertise


Stuttgart, July 29, 2021:
Interflex and its customers welcome the team from privately held WorkforceIT B.V. (the Netherlands). The expansion, which additionally includes certain assets of Astrum Benelux B.V. (Belgium), was made possible through an acquisition by Interflex’s parent company Allegion, a global security products and solutions provider.


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What is workforce management?

Workforce management means that all information necessary and helpful for the optimal planning of personnel scheduling is compiled and taken into account. With stringently applied workforce management, you can lower your costs, reduce unproductive working hours, and increase forecasting accuracy, thus creating greater satisfaction both inside and outside your company. Customized software solutions by Interflex adapt to your needs allowing for the best use of your company’s most valuable resource: Your employees.

Workforce management includes:

Staffing Level Requirements

Staffing Level Requirements

strategic tactical operational
Personnel scheduling

Personnel scheduling

Employee­ Self-Service

Employee­ Self-Service

Time management

Time management

strategic tactical operational
Time & attendance­ recording

Time & attendance­ recording



tactical operational

Digital workforce management – the numbers speak for themselves

Sales and labor markets are changing at an unimaginable speed. That is why companies that want to keep up with the dynamics of a global market economy must be absolutely agile. This also applies to employees: Their working world is also changing fundamentally in the age of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and democratization. And workforce scheduling is changing too: Entrenched structures and rigid schedules are a thing of the past; instead, the future of companies lies in the flexibilization of  working hours. Therefore, flexible and demand-optimized personnel scheduling and management, which is geared towards employees, is becoming a strategic instrument – and an absolute competitive advantage in the long term.

Having the right people in the right place at all times is one of the keys to your company’s success. A digital workforce management solution that enables ideal strategic and operational  personnel scheduling makes this challenge easier for you.

increase in efficiency

potential for cost saving

increase in employee satisfaction

What does tomorrow's workforce management look like?


Two decisive factors will be even more important in the future than they are today, and will therefore also increase in complexity: working time, on the one hand, and its forms, on the other. In recent years, these two important factors have helped to balance out economic fluctuations and successfully master the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making working hours more flexible enables companies to respond quickly and efficiently to market fluctuations and remain competitive in terms of cost structure. In the meantime, flexible working time models, which can be designed in different ways, are an essential guarantee for employee satisfaction, for job security and thereby for the success of the company as a whole.


“Everything is different” – this catchy denominator has characterized the world of work at least since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. All sectors are confronted with unprecedented challenges; flexibility is the order of the day. Home offices in particular are in demand as never before: A large proportion of employees are immensely positive about experiences they have had with the complete or partial switch to working from home. Companies that can respond to this situation with appropriate offerings and flexible working time models, demand-optimized structures and minimized routine activities are ahead of the game when it comes to finding the increasingly scarce skilled workers. Digital workforce management can make all the difference in the race for the best employees – those who opt for modern solutions are fit for the future.


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Our sector-specific solutions for workforce management


More time for your patients!
With workforce management from Interflex, you deploy your personnel efficiently and in line with demand - always in accordance with legal requirements, of course.


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Manage the challenge of personnel scheduling with ease: Thanks to holistic solutions by Interflex, you will succeed in a highly competitive market.


Your sector

Personnel scheduling – highly professional! Customized modules focus on employees and time as success factors for your company.



Superior in any situation - flexible personnel deployment is the key. Comprehensive Interflex solutions support you in planning what actually seems unplannable.



From production to the fire department of the plant: Optimally planning all units in the manufacturing process is a challenge. This becomes easy and trouble-free thanks to Workforce Management from Interflex.


Why is digital workforce management so valuable?

1. Sophisticated 360-degree solutions

The digital systems from Interflex offer you the complete solution for all-around successful workforce management: efficient personnel scheduling, simple time & attendance recording, systematic time management and comprehensive controlling. Since all good workforce management begins with a thorough assessment of requirements, Interflex solutions first provide you with forecasts for the future that allow you to accurately predict your personnel requirements. In the next step, you can easily plan your workforce deployment according to the interests of your employees. Then, the workforce management software automatically optimizes the economic planning. And finally, the system provides you with transparent analyses and comprehensive controlling with planning, evaluation and reporting solutions.

2. Transparency & Information

If you know what is going on, you are well informed – and if everyone involved is automatically in the know, there will be  no friction. Digital workforce management creates transparency because working times are planned digitally, recorded seamlessly and in a legally compliant manner, before being  automatically evaluated and passed on. Everyone benefits: Companies and supervisors as well as employees and HR teams. You can view the available personnel, the skills that your team brings with  it and the desired deployment times and thanks to Employee Self-Service (ESS), your personnel can view and access their own working time accounts at any time, and the HR department has less work to do because incorrect entries are minimized and all processes are passed on without any losses.

3. Increasing efficiency - reducing costs

Professional workforce management means creating schedules that are optimally tailored to staffing requirements, to reducing expensive absenteeism or hollow hours, and to avoiding overcapacity. The calculation of optimal schedules automatically takes into account absence rates as well as personnel capacities, customer frequencies, and order- or point-of-sale data. Intelligent planning and controlling guarantee effort-minimized, rule-compliant processes and demand- and cost-oriented structures. This ensures cost efficiency and protection of your valuable personnel resources – with the highest possible productivity.

4. Maximum flexibility

Digital workforce scheduling does not create miracles – but it does provide the opportunity to reconcile the wishes of your employees with the requirements of your company in the best possible way. Interflex’s professional solutions take all demand drivers into account during planning and provide your employees with all the tools they need to get involved quickly and smoothly via self-service and mobile apps. Using  workflows, vacation requests can be made, approvals obtained or services exchanged completely automatically ensuring maximum flexibility on all sides.

5. Individual configuration

Interflex solutions are applicable to any size of company and any industry and can be tailored individually. Be it logistics or healthcare: With standardized processes, well thought-out tools and mobile devices, you createa superior basis for your successful workforce management. Company-specific features and company agreements are taken into account, as are collective agreements or special break regulations. One thing is certain: Digital working time management will bring the previously hidden potential in your company to light too.

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